Current Retirement Plans Have Been A Failure For Many
If you currently own an IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or any other type of qualified plan, you have money in harm's way. Consider the following:
"...In fact, the 401(k) plans that have become the primary source of retirement income for 60 million Americans were never designed to be retirement plans in the first place."
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I've been a business owner most of my
life. I enjoyed close to three decades of ownership in a multi - million dollar printing company before selling my interest. When it came to saving for my retirement, I did what most all of us have been taught to do - chase market gains at the expense of losses along the way. My decision to follow along like everyone else became very expensive. I suffered major losses, most recently in 2008. Admittedly, I helped to introduce and place the 401(k) plan into our company. Had I known then what I know today, I would have done things much differently.
~ Dave
I was in the aviation industry for many years and, like Dave, I also did what everyone told me I should do when it came to saving for retirement. After major losses in 2000-2001 and 2008-2009, I wanted to search for other options. Fortunately for us, we took control and searched for our own solutions. The three financial advisors we had weren't providing what we wanted and needed. Passionate about what we discovered, we were eager to share the information with others. Many of whom are looking for the same solutions we found.
~ Marnie
Dave Watkins & Marnie Sablan, Founders
"The 1 percent difference in fees and expenses would reduce your account balance at retirement by 28 percent.”
“…it's not unusual to see some advisers charging 1% to 2% a year to manage a portfolio the size of yours, and that's on top of the underlying fund fees, which, in the case of actively managed funds, can easily add another 1% or more to your annual tab.”
"It's a crime that they are extracting somewhere around 3.5% to 4.8%, which is the lion's share of what the market returns on investments," says John Sullivan, a registered investment adviser. "Workers end up giving away half of their retirement savings."
“We eat up all of our dividends with stock expenses, [and the] industry – you could easily say it doesn’t give a damn. Fees easily wipe out a huge portion of the yield on stocks, more than 63% of your money.”
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WealthSmart Solutions was born from our own search for risk free, taxed advantaged retirement solutions. We became clients first and quickly recognized that millions of folks, like us, hadn't a clue these solutions existed. Solutions that simply help individuals and families keep more of what they've worked so hard to save.

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